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Creativity shows that you’re being thoughtful. For example, you can’t send a mix CD with an email, but you can include a link to a playlist you made on Spotify or YouTube. You could even include videos you’re made with images from your favorite media while your song plays in the background! If you don’t know how to give a lap dance, this party won’t go very far, now will it? So the first thing you have to do is learn how. This is easily achieved just by watching YouTube, but if you need some additional inspiration from an expert, Carmen Electra has some great videos. Important moves to master are circling the chair, climbing onto his lap, and dipping down and back up. Of course, there are many others, but these will make a great foundational repertoire. I think that that means a lot to a lot of people and I do have a YouTube channel also. If you look on YouTube for Jason Julius, I have a YouTube channel as well. Jason Julius: I know exactly what you are talking about and first of all ladies, it is not your fault. It is a byproduct of our modern world and I find myself, having done this for over a decade, this was never something 10 years ago that I heard that much about. But I have a huge part of my group of guys, you know my YouTube channel and my newsletter who are constantly writing in things that they’re having a hard time ejaculating and you’re starting to see more about this in mainstream culture and I was listening to a podcast with I think it was Tim Ferriss was interviewing a prostitute from Nevada, she was like the number one – This is a really weird metaphor but you can kind of think of sucking on it like her clitoris is a small penis, and I know that because I had a YouTube video where I talked about this that some guys are kind of like, “Wait, what? Like a penis?” and the clitoris is actually just the part on a woman that corresponds to the man when there is a baby fetus is in development. It has a phallus and men and women are exactly the same in the womb when we are first developing and then what becomes the penis becomes the clitoris on a woman. So it is the exact same part. It is the female part. Organically, I kind of just found a lot of guys following my YouTube channel, just wanting to learn more and long story short, I just became obsessed with learning more, being able to teach this stuff and, you know, I’ve been teaching it ever since like 2006. It’s just kind of blossomed from there. I think it’s just more of my obsession with kind of wanting to understand this so that I can feel, when I’ve looked back I’m like, “Why did I get so obsessed about this?” I think it was about wanting to feel like I’m enough for my partner and I think that’s men and women can feel that, that sometimes, they just want to be adequate. You know, it’s our nature to want to be able to be loved and when you feel like you’re not enough then you want to do something about it.

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There are a number of channels on YouTube offering relaxing, instrumental music perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere. These videos can range in length from about one hour to eight hours. This is so redpill it’s hilarious, great work. honestly it’s mostly renamed old techniques but if your as clueless as the girl in the video then it’s something to consider, but nothing you can’t find on YouTube on some adult channels. Go to burlesque shows for ideas Take burlesque classes (good work out too) Watch burlesque videos on YouTube You don’t have to strip like a stripper. A sexy burlesque routine you make up is just fine. Also rent 9 and 1/2 weeks as one burlesque dancer told me to do because I was working at home in my own private time a little number to Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Hat On. Sadly the night Mr. Cocker passed was when I did the striptease for my man and he was already lounging on the bed when I played the song & he knew Cocker had died earlier that day & he whispered slyly that it was in Mr. Cocker’s memory and my man had already told me what he wanted me wearing by the time he got to my place as he didn’t have much time. I was nervous but went with it, bedside small lamp on in the bedroom and just went with the music and teased him by turning my back, pulling panties barely down and then quickly up, flashing my butt more and pulling up & eventually flicking off and same with my bra. You don’t have to follow Sean’s instructions step by step. It’s a lot easier to enjoy YouTube videos and find a burlesque troop in your area & attend shows & see if they offer classes. Plain & simple Tanya Tate is an English glamour model and also a famed fan of Liverpool for her scintillating scenes on YouTube and elsewhere wearing Liverpool shirt., an Indian live chat forum, recently roped in the supermodel. Tanya Tate is an English glamour model and also a famed fan of Liverpool for her scintillating scenes on YouTube and elsewhere wearing Liverpool shirt., an Indian live chat forum, recently roped in the supermodel. If you’re the one who apologizes first every time or if he never apologizes, it’s a huge red flag. Check out this list of red flags to make sure you’re not making a mistake.

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A checklist for BDSM activities? That sounds more like coursework than fun intercourse. However, hear us out! A BDSM checklist can be a practical way to communicate your desires and experience levels to your partner - and to learn theirs in turn. Of course, filling out a checklist for BDSM can also be fun and can introduce you to new activities to try!Why a BDSM Checklist? Although there’s really no hormonal reason you might continue to be horny during your period, many women are. Perhaps you’re just riding out those aroused feelings. Others suggest that shedding uterine lining induces arousal because the moisture increases sensitivity. Even retaining water, which most women generally dislike, can lead to increased sensitivity because of pressure in the pelvic region. Check out our guide to period sex to keep it sexy! Other examples of this dynamic can be seen with a woman who plays the role of Mommy/Mistress and her little – girl or boy depending on sexual orientation. Prefer to take control? Check out these 10 ideas to dominate your man. Not only does the BDSM dynamic incorporate all the dirty talk and potentially costumes listed above, but it can add aspects that don’t necessarily fall under the umbrella of vanilla sex. Check out the following list. The rules you’ve made with your partner might change after the open relationship goes from theory to reality. Check in with your partner to see whether he’s still cool with the whole thing and whether the rules you’ve set up are working out or not. If one of you, after trying the open relationship, isn’t happy, you need to stop the arrangement. If you are looking to grow your compersion muscle, you’ll need to combat jealousy. Frank conversation about the jealous feelings you have is a necessary, albeit uncomfortable, step in this direction. Check out this advice for dealing with jealousy.

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With that said, you shouldn’t necessarily try to feel compersion or force outside relationships just to spice up your relationship. It’s a foreign concept to a lot of people, and opening up your relationship won’t necessarily fix any relationship issues. Check out this advice if you want to solve common relationship problems. If you’re just looking for information on how to spice up your sex life, we’ve got tips for that here. Here’s a different girls night out idea. Check out your local art museum. Museums often offer girls night out activities to generate buzz. These fun evenings often come with hors d’oeuvres, a bar with signature cocktails, live music, and maybe a silent auction. You can also browse the latest museum exhibit. Art is good for the soul. One thing to remember is that a man is typically very experienced at handling his penis. You don’t have access to his penis, so it’ll take some practice to give a stellar handjob. Don’t worry, though. Check out these 23 tips to give him a fantastic hand job. There might be other changes too. For example, the position of your cervix and uterus could be lower now. Check out the diagrams in this post to brush up on anatomy. So you might need to experiment with different sex positions to see which ones feel best. For example, deep penetration might not feel good anymore. Another way to make sure your man wakes up happy is to rouse him from slumber with your our mouth on his cock. Check out our trips for giving a killer blowjob in this post. Of course, waking up to your man moving between your legs is just as nice, so you can drop a few hints that you’d like to wake up to this. Although non-circumcision can slightly increase to risk of transmitting bacteria infections or STIs — more on that here — this isn’t appropriate talk so early on in a relationship. Having sex with a circumcised man versus one who’s uncut isn’t that different, anyway. Check out this post to learn more.

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Your partner may not be ready to discuss his emotions or the regularity of his mood swings, but if these changes are having an effect on your relationship, try to find a low-stress time to open communication. Check out all our relationship advice for helpful communication tips. Check out our this post and this guide dedicated to keeping your sex life fun, which can happen if you’ve had sex with the same person hundreds or even thousands of times. Don’t let yourself think that sex must always be spontaneous. To some people, planning isn’t sexy or romantic, but it may be practical. And it’s better to have planned sex than to have none at all because life won’t stop for you to get naughty with your spouse! But if he’s complimentary, especially with a twinkle in his eye, he probably likes you. He may even be trying to flirt with you and hoping you’ll pick up the hint if you’re also interested. Check out this post to see if he’s flirting with you. These symptoms indicate either that you’re having a reaction or that you’ve developed an infection. Check out the entire list of symptoms of a vaginal bacterial infection. You might bring flirting into your relationship to see if he picks up on the cues. Check out these 16 tips for flirting. Be prepared that he might not pick up on those signals or, even worse, he does but isn’t interested. Lube not only makes things slicker and easier, but it can also enhance sex. Flavored lube, tingling lube, and warming lube are all options you can consider. If you’re not sure what type of lube to get – and there are a lot of options available to you! – Check out this post. We’ve written all about the types of lubes and those that are best for sex, masturbation and other activities.

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To start, your G-spot is located against the front wall of your vagina behind your pubic bone. Some women have a G-spot located closer to the vaginal opening, which can make it easier to find and stimulate, but toys that are curved or hooked fingers will do the trick, too! Check out our G-spot guide with images. If you want to get your crush to like you, he needs to feel like you’re not only in it for you. Do this by asking about his likes and dislikes, goals and dreams, and life. Guys like to talk about themselves just as much as girls do (more, sometimes) and this is one of the surest ways to get a dude to open up to you. Check out these questions to get to know him. We don’t know how many women experience retrograde ejaculation, but having control of your muscles might reveal that you actually can squirt. Check out the advice in this post and this guide to train those PC muscles. Check out our post on BDSM contracts to get an idea of where to start. Remember that DD contracts differ, however. Check out the sample domestic discipline contract by Mischief in May here. Simply Submissive offers a shorter contract. Start with a general massage. Run your hands over your man’s arms, legs and chest. Slowly move toward his hips. Check out tips in this guide to sensual massage for more ideas! Happy ending massages may also provide ample opportunity to add prostate massage into the mix. You can stimulate your man’s prostate through his anus or perineum. Check out this information to learn more. Of course, you don’t need to penetrate. You can also massage his butt as part of your massage. After all, there are plenty of muscles there!

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Give it a try if you want to encourage your man to go down on you. You can also get a Brazilian if you think it’ll encourage your man to give manscaping a go if he’s a little unkempt. It’s only fair for both of you to give and receive! Check out our blow job tips here. It might sound odd, but being a bit mysterious and even playing hard to get do have interesting effects on our psychology. Check out this post about playing hard to get to learn more. Some people are naturally flirtatious, but most of us have to learn. Fortunately for you, we have a number of guides on flirting at Bad Girls Bible. Check out these flirting tips to up your game. This post breaks flirting into obvious and more subtle flirting tips that you can use to your advantage, and this article will help you become a flirting pro in no time. Remember to smile, have fun, make appropriate eye and physical contact. If any of our tips don’t work for you, move on to the next one! When it’s just the two of you alone, you might want to lose a few layers and step out in some stunning lingerie. The same rules about shopping for your body apply here, too. Pick pieces that you’re confident flaunting. Otherwise, your discomfort will work against you. Even if it’s just a cute bra and panty set that you wear under your sexy clothes, it should make you walk taller and straighter. Check out this post for picking out lingerie. As long as you’re enjoying yourself with a new partner, do you need to even think about the bases in a relationship? Just like focusing on orgasm can be counterproductive, it’s up to you to enjoy the journey no matter how fast or slowly it may be moving! Check out our tips to cum every time! On a personal level, defining your relationship by bases may not be helpful. It can lead to stress if you think that you and your partner should reach a certain activity by a certain point. Have you ever stressed about having sex by the third date? Maybe date number three doesn’t have to be associated with baseball’s home run! Check out our other tips to relieve sexual anxiety.

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It’s important to communicate with your partner. If you’re being tied up, you need to let them know if you’re not comfortable. Talking about sex can be difficult, but you can learn more in the guide we wrote specifically to make it easier. Check it out. Find out what you truly like and don’t like – away from the expectations and demands of a partner. You’ll find that you can enjoy intense pleasure without your partner around, and prepare yourself for having an even better sex life in the future. Stock up on toys focusing on G-spot and clitoral stimulation, so you can really make it all about you. Check out this guide if you’re new to sex toys. Setting up dating rules, whether assumed, discussed or negotiated, helps you both know what’s going on in the relationship and where it’s going. In addition to making your courtship a much more pleasant experience, these rules help you have a way to jump ship safely if things aren’t working out. Check out other tips to know when to break up. This post helps you break up painlessly, too. Most women won’t experience any urinary incontinence severe enough to need a tool like that, but it’s common to experience a bit of incontinence if your pelvic floor is weak, especially after having a baby or having menopause. You can do kegel exercises to improve muscles and reduce urinary incontinence, even if you continue to feel like you have to pee during sex. Check out this guide to doing kegels, which can improve sex and help you experience more intense orgasms. It’s important to regularly tell your guy how handsome and attractive he is, but it’s even better to tell him how attractive he is to you specifically. After all, you can’t have a happy relationship without attraction. Check out this post for more dating rules. Other signs include leaving things at each other’s houses or in cars and fighting, which shouldn’t happen if there are truly no feelings involved. And if you told him things were only casual, he might not consider anything more with you, which it why you’ll need to talk about it as soon as possible. Otherwise, there could be a lot of hurt feelings. Communicate your feelings. Check out our guide to sexual communication.

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