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Sean Jameson saysFebruary 23, 2017 at 3:49 pmThanks!Reply

Hello Mr Jameson. I’m a 41 year old female in a fantastic relationship with my guy. We’ve always had great sex until lately I’ve been having extreme trouble reaching orgasm. I feel it start to build and when I get halfway there it disappears. Just vanishes. And then I feel like I’m trying to hard to get to my orgasm again and I get very frustrated. I’ve discussed this with my man and he’s very sweet and supporting. So I get all your books on everything. I’ve read them tried out A LOT of your ideas and still nothing. Any advice please. Sean Jameson: So that’s advice for women that are currently struggling to climax, to reach orgasm but what about – say there’s a couple who already have pretty good sex life, it’s fine, maybe it gets boring sometimes, sometimes it is exciting. But they want to make it more fun so that they could enjoy it more, would you have any advice for those couples? Sean Jameson: I think it’s crazy. I had a massage today just like a sports massage and there is so much tension just builds up in your back just from sitting on a computer or just from sitting down in your lower back. Sean Jameson: Okay. So I guess the idea of having seven different types of orgasms is obviously very appealing to everyone but I know a lot of our listeners, a lot of people email me, a lot of woman email me asking for advice on just how to achieve any type of orgasm. Sean Jameson: Okay. Just one other thing as well, you mentioned that there are seven different orgasms which I’m sure a lot of people are listening like to know more, what are the seven different orgasms? Sean Jameson: I’d love to actually rewind just a little bit for listeners that may have heard of tantra. I know I asked you what a tantric fandom is but for listeners that don’t precisely know what tantra is, they know it’s something sexual, maybe something spiritual. What is tantra exactly?

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Sean Jameson: I do too. I think that’s a great place, Megan, to leave the podcast and thanks so much for coming on the show. If people want to find out more about you, connect with you, how can they do that? [0:19:05.6] Sean Jameson: Yeah, sure and there is a little bit of I guess you can say quite figuratively feeling your way around to what works best, just like with any kind of sexual act. Sean Jameson: Okay, so if you have to give someone, imagine you have to give someone step by step advice, maybe they have a partner who is a little bit curious but they’ve never mentioned the P spot, the prostrate, the god spot and they are trying to bring it up and they want their partner to experience it, how would you advise them to approach it? Sean Jameson: Absolutely. So, I’ve heard from a friend that you have some great advice for women who want to repay the favor to their man. So for men who do provide their partner with lots of pleasure and for women who want to repay that favor, I am told you have some very fun advice on that. Sean Jameson: It’s kind of bizarre. I mean, it’s obvious perhaps for someone on the outside looking in but I guess it’s a tragedy for some people if you don’t realize particularly for guys perhaps that the buildup can take time. It is not the case of five minutes. You know, sometimes a quickie can be hot, can be nice but often a lot of time is needed to sort of preheat the oven if you want to take a very clichéd approach to it. Sean Jameson: Going in a slightly different direction, if a couple is struggling, if there’s an orgasm gap for a couple where perhaps the man is really enjoying himself, but his female partner isn’t, what can they do to communicate better to kind of bridge that gap and for her to have more fun, more pleasure during sex? Do you have any advice for people listening in that situation?

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Sean Jameson: Yeah, I think you make a great point that you know, I think it goes for guys too; sometimes anxiety, neurosis, stress, even things like, you know, past abuse or trauma can kind of affect, and you might not think it at the time but it can deeply affect your ability to enjoy sex alone or with a partner. I think it can be tough. Sean Jameson: Wow, nice. Okay, so if you’re introducing the Yoni egg to someone who hasn’t tried it before, what sort of advice would you give to the novice for using it, the first steps? Sean Jameson: Well, it’s great to have you here. I’d love to start off by asking you and finding out a bit about you and your backstory and how you came to become a sexual empowerment coach? Sean Jameson: Hey guys, welcome to The Bad Girl’s Bible Podcast. Today, I’m talking to Megan Riley. She’s a sexual empowerment coach, trainer, and the host of The Woman’s Guide to Living Your Orgasmic Life Podcast. Sean Jameson: I think that is so true. Jamie this has been fantastic. I think people can take a lot of great information away from this but I am just wondering if people want to find out more about sexy scheduling, the erotic menu, creating a shared reality together, what is the best way for them to get in touch? Sean Jameson: I just want to pick up a really important point you are making because guys have incredibly fragile egos and I think if you tell a guy, “Hey buddy you are doing this wrong.” Our egos are actually fragile that that can totally – that can throw spanner in the works, that can mess up a relationship but instead like exactly what you’re saying, if you suggest, “Hey maybe I can show you something that’s great that I am going to really like.”

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Sean Jameson: Unfortunately I think you know media in general trains us to think that it is, that everything is deep crazy passion and the fact of the matter is after 20 years of marriage that is not the case. It can be from time to time but it is not going to be case every single day, every single night. Sean Jameson: Absolutely. So a thread I feel has been warming me through this whole conversation is the importance of communication and especially the importance of communication to getting what you want in bed. Sean Jameson: Exactly. Not in our feminine sensuality and what happens neurologically, our parasympathetic nervous system is in fight or flight mode and when that’s happening. When our autonomic nervous system is running really high, we are not able to access turn on. Our body can’t be sexually turned on because we are in survival, we are in fight or flight. Sean Jameson: Yeah, I have – that makes anything of this one. Couple that I worked with, she was, you know, had a lot of stress in her life and you know, she had a three year old child and a business and he had a business and they had projects, philanthropy projects they’re working on together, very full lives, very involved people with a lot going on as many of my clients are. Sean Jameson: Yes, exactly. Because what she had heard for years in her last relationship was you know, this programming from her partner of like, “You never want to have sex with me, why don’t you want to have sex with me?” She just started really, you know, taking it personally and really throughout her life because this has been something that had followed her around throughout a lot of her life as well. Where it was like she always was the one that didn’t really want to have sex. Sean Jameson: We did some of that and then some of this is also just, you know, some other exercises that I’ve developed in just sensual – it’s like sensual embodiment training. You know? Where it’s like, as women, oftentimes, we are not in our sensual bodies anymore because of the way – what we have to do in our careers or just living in this world today, there isn’t a lot of space for women to just be sensually embodied all the time.

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Sean Jameson: Awesome. Moving in a slightly different direction. I get a bunch of emails from my female readers that have trouble with low libido. Maybe they’re in a relationship for a while, maybe they’re in actually not in a relationship but they’re struggling with their libido and with a frustrated partner. I’m just wondering if you have any advice to someone who is listening perhaps, that’s also struggling with a low libido? Sean Jameson: Awesome. Would you have any – I mean, everyone’s looking for the magic pill solution, the one simple technique they can use to fix everything. But are there any shortcuts or hacks that you recommend to people who want to improve their erotic intelligence to become better lovers? Sean Jameson: I’d love to start out with finding out a little bit about you, about your background and how you came to helping people improve their relationship and love lives. Sean Jameson: Today I’m talking to Jamie Elizabeth Thompson. Jamie is a holistic sex coach who teaches people the tools they need to get their intimate needs met along with how to quickly navigate conflict with open, loving communication. Sean Jameson: Eyal, this has been fantastic. It’s been really great talking to you and I am just wondering if people want to talk more with you, if they want to find out more about your book or maybe even book a session with you, what is the best way to get in touch? Sean Jameson: Okay, so then coming back to that bookmark about arousing yourself. What would you recommend if someone wants to more easily get aroused?

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Sean Jameson: I am asking generally because I guess that it is not going to be a 10 hour podcast. So either a woman listening or a man, a male partner listening and they are thinking you’ve got this partner and he wants to last longer, I want them to last longer. And we don’t really talk about it because we found actionable information. Sean Jameson: So if there is a guy listening or perhaps a partner of a guy who wants to help them prolong, help them last longer in bed before ejaculation, what are your thoughts on that? Is it simple? Is there a heroinesque remedy there or is it again putting in the work? Sean Jameson: Just to butt in, I think that is quite important as well because we like to say that we live in this judgment free world and we can find a partner who is not going to judge us but when there is no one else there to even potentially think about judging you, I think it is a great place to start that you don’t have to worry about the second person and you can just focus purely on your self. Sean Jameson: Okay, let’s say, because all of this seems fantastic but I get contacted so often, not by people who have these peak orgasms and they’re just fine, everything’s okay but actually I’ve contacted a lot more by women who just struggle to have an orgasm, even by themselves and when they’re totally relaxed. Would you have any advice for – Sean Jameson: With something like Tantra be a good solution to that? To this kind of – maybe someone’s very goal orientated, they want to just get to orgasm, Tantra can help? Sean Jameson: They’ve spent the entire session themselves or with a partner just trying to get to orgasm, maybe not even enjoying the journey along the way.

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Sean Jameson: I think so and I think coming with a non-judgmental attitude, both partners, each partner with themselves and with each other is a very important thing. Otherwise that’s one of those things that causes people to lock up to potentially become frigid and closed off. Yeah, I think it can be damaging to just having an enjoyable sex life. Sean Jameson: Hey guys, today on the podcast, I am talking to Eyal Matsliah, a sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker, he’s also written a book called Orgasm Unleashed – Your Guide to Pleasure, Healing and Power and through his website,, he helps people to experience deep self-love, ecstatic sex and fulfilling relationships as well as bringing the teachings of Tantra to the western world in a practical and none dogmatic way. Sean Jameson: That is so crazy. Definitely check that out. Okay, deepfakes, what are your thoughts on them? I’m so sorry, let’s back up a little bit. What are deepfakes, for people who have never heard. Sean Jameson: That’s crazy, that’s incredible. Where can – you know, someone might be interested listening, where can someone kind of find out more about that kind of experience? Sean Jameson: It’s crazy, I’ve actually used this last on Saturday. I just played this game where I was a mouse. It sounds totally ridiculous, it was a puzzle game. But what’s really wild about it is, you really feel totally immersed. Even though I was sitting down and you know, I was still very much in the room, when I took the headset off after 15 minutes it was crazy, I felt like I was never in the room at all, I was actually inside this game. So I can understand to a degree what you mean. Sean Jameson: I think that’s fair enough. So what kind of examples would you have for you know, positive role, sex toys, maybe even lube I guess? Well we know the kind of positive roles lube can play in someone’s sex life. But say, specifically with sex toys or maybe even something like virtual reality. Is there kid of positive roles those things can, you know, sex tech can play in someone’s sex life?

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Sean Jameson: Today on the show, I am talking to Dr. Holly Richmond, she is a Somatic Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist (CST), and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT). Dr. Richmond is one of North America’s leading sex therapists, serving women, men, couples and gender diverse individuals for relationship and sexuality issues. Sean Jameson: I’m just a little bit conscious of finishing up and making sure I don’t take too much of your time. So I’m just wondering, if people would like to get in touch with you, or find out more about you or your books, where can they go? Sean Jameson: Would you have advice, then obviously you can say “shelf your emotions”, but obviously to a person going through divorce, especially if it’s a bit – if one partner has been a little bit vicious or vindictive, what can they do? Is there anything you’d advise them to do? Sean Jameson: I love it. Like all this advice you’re giving, it’s just so practical. No, no, but it really is. It’s not this get a glass of wine, go to watch a sunset together, it’s actually the nuts and bolts of how to avoid years of heartache and pain. It’s amazing. Sean Jameson: I think if you’re not happy you can’t say to your partner that, “Hey, I’m not happy. I need some help here,” that’s also I think potentially even a worse place to be in. Sean Jameson: I guess, besides then abuse, why do people get divorced? Is it usually financial, or is it people cheating, or is there more to it? Is there something deeper?

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