These are just a few ideas to try.

These are just a few ideas to try.

While you might think these don’t make sense as winter date ideas because of the weather outside, you just need to look for a gym or facility that allows you to do these things inside. Indoor skydiving doesn’t require you to fly thousands of feet into the air. Instead, you feel the resistance of a wind tunnel, which is like nothing else. You can print out lyrics to classic holiday songs and distribute them among friends, which makes this a fun activity for a group of couples (check out awesome double date ideas for four of you!). Hot chocolate or steaming apple cider can keep you warm as you move through the neighborhood on those chilly evenings. Stuck not knowing what to talk about with your guy? Especially at first, when you might not know each other all that well, it can be hard to figure out what to discuss without stepping on toes or possibly crossing lines, so stick to relatively safe subjects. As you progress in your relationship, you can ask deeper questions and reveal more intimate secrets. Here are a few ideas of a thing to talk about your boyfriend will enjoy. If you need some great ideas and want to save money at the same time, check out Groupon. They have a girls night out section. The events change all the time, depending who is offering a deal in your area. At any given time, you might be able to snag the following: Or just going to a club with your friends is fun too. Getting ready, looking pretty, dancing, and drinking (call a driver) are all that’s on your mind. It’s OK to dance with someone, but it’s probably a good idea to keep it to two songs max. Any more than that, and your dancing partner might get ideas that dancing isn’t all that’s in store for him. Make sure you then leave the club with the girls you came with. But everyone has different ideas of how much time to spend together and how much time to spend apart. If you like to have your alone time or have time with friends, and he prefers to spend most of the time with you, you have a possible conflict. This is something to talk about, so that you can both work out an arrangement that both of you can live with.

These are just a few ideas to try.:

These are just a few explanations.

Such a weekend away can respark the passion in your relationship and remind you of why you work so well with your man, so don’t wait. Book one now, or let us know if you have any other ideas you want to share for great weekend getaways. When you’re the speaker, you get to explain how you feel. Use “I” statements that focus on your thoughts and feelings rather than talking about your partner’s actions and assigning blame. You should try to focus on a specific thing and not ramble on to other ideas while you have the floor. Try this: schedule a date night weekly, if you can. We’ve got great ideas here! Have someone watch the kids if you need to, and head to your favorite restaurant, check out what’s playing at the movies or enjoy a concert. It’s better if you can talk to one another to check in, but doing something fun that doesn’t require a lot of thinking can be beneficial, too. You can also turn the competition of playing together into a sexy game. The loser will have to lose a piece of clothing each round, or perform a sexy act drawn from a jar that you both contribute racy ideas to. You’ll find lots of ideas for sexy act here, here and here. Furthermore, forget any sex-negative ideas you may have been taught and internalized. This includes anything that a woman “should” or “shouldn’t” do or think regarding sex. For instance, many of us were taught not to have sex before marriage, even though it’s common. As a woman, you may have learned that masturbating is bad and not a normal and healthy habit. Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to get into the mood and to increase your pleasure potential. Sneaking in an orgasm in public places like the back of the bus or a fitting room, sending sexy texts to your partner or even a stranger to help you get off and taking boudoir photos to boost your confidence are all things that many women enjoy. And while you might not like all of these ideas or even want to add them to your masturbation routine often, you can enjoy learning how to have sex with yourself without any pressure!

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So what’s a good workout anyway? For starters, you should be standing up. Gravity works to pull those balls out once you’ve got them inserted – squatting can help with this – so you use your muscles to keep them in place. Any kegel exercises you do without tools can be done with a Ben Wa ball or two inserted. Here are a few ideas to get you started: One way is to find out his kinks. A great way to do this is by watching porn together and seeing what he enjoys the most, but you can also take a slower approach by trying a number of different things and seeing what he enjoys. Just because he doesn’t enjoy the things you mentioned, it doesn’t mean that he won’t enjoy other ideas. Do you ever just wish that you can hack your sex life to make it better? Well, you can thanks to these sex hacks!What do we mean when we say "sex hacks?" (heres a few funny ideas). A sex hack is anything that enhances your sex life, and it can be as simple as using household items as dildos or lube, or finding the perfect position with a few pillows piled beneath your writhing bodies. … [Read more...] The following items work well for orgasm denial and the teasing that leads up to it. Get a few ideas from this (or try something we may have forgotten). Start with a general massage. Run your hands over your man’s arms, legs and chest. Slowly move toward his hips. Check out tips in this guide to sensual massage for more ideas! Guys’ hobbies are oftentimes expensive. After all, many of them demand membership and gear in order to participate, not to mention club fees and other add ons. Therefore, if your guy is really into a certain hobby, buying hobby equipment for your 1 year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend or husband is great. Read below for some “hobby themed” gift ideas:

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If your man is lucky enough to have a man cave, you can purchase him some framed artwork that goes with the theme of his room as a 1 year anniversary gift. Some ideas include canvas art showcasing classic cars, musical instruments or a favorite sports team. If your man doesn’t have a man cave, but does have an office, you can purchase him a nice piece of artwork for his workplace instead. It is worth noting; however, that your love is the best gift of all, and no purchased or created gift can ever take the place of your love in your man’s heart. Keep that fact in mind when considering your gift ideas and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. While you’ll find much sexier gifts here, these suggestions are a lot more practical. We’e not trying to slut shame anyone here. That’s bad and this post details why. However, sometimes holding a little back can be good for you. You might want to reconsider having sex on the first date if you think he’s only trying to get laid. However, you might not want to jump into conversations about sex or even innuendo too early or too often if it makes you seem overly available. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’ll want to spend plenty of time outside the bedroom. Fortunately, we’ve got over two dozen fun date ideas here! P.S. If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your own sex bucket list, then you might want to take a look at the Bad Girls Bible sex bucket list here. It’s got over 240 different things to try with your man (and by yourself). Everyday for a week or a month (or a year), you need to choose a new position to try out with your man. While some will be similar to what you already use regularly, there will also be some really crazy and wild ones. While these crazy ones may actually not be that much fun, they are super-mega-awesome for giving both of you ideas about just what’s possible in the bedroom. This hot sex game is super easy to play. All you are going to be doing is choosing a bunch of new sex positions to try out with your man. If you’re short on ideas for new sex positions to try out, then check out this guide, it has over 100 different sex positions to try out with your man.

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I am very adventurous sexually and my man loves it! But I have made the mistake of allowing him to be lazy when it comes down to going down on me….enough is enough! So give me some hot ideas to make him excited about and enthusiastic about showing love to my lady parts! The Bad Girl’s Bible is choc full of tips, ideas, techniques and nuggets of information on how to satisfy your man in bed. If you are looking for help of how to keep him sexually satisfied then The Bad Girl’s Bible is thankfully the best place on the whole internet to learn. The traditional date works well too, with dinner and a movie, or work in some cultural ideas he might be interested in, such as an art show, play, museum or big event. We’ve got plenty of other unique date ideas here. Great ideas, and we’ve done most of them. Another very romantic idea…. One summer day my man and I were sitting on our covered porch, enjoying the rain and his guitar playing, when suddenly he grabbed my hand. He led me outside to the middle of the yard and we slow danced to the music of the rain! Of course, that led to a very hot evening…… Important: Make sure you take your partner’s likes and interests into account while exploring these fun date ideas; though tasting 12 different wine varieties sounds like fun to you, it may not be for your back-on-the-wagon partner. Do you need to come up with a more sophisticated bachelorette party idea? One that’s still a lot of fun while maintaining a degree of innocence? A bachelorette party idea that just just rocks? If you’re wondering how to plan the perfect bachelorette party, here are some great party ideas to get you started planning your or your friend’s bachelorette party…

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If your man’s birthday is coming up and you want to surprise him with a sexy gift, then this list is going to help give you a lot of ideas of what’s possible. All of these ideas play into the fact that enthusiasm is key to giving a good blow job and having amazing sex in general. In fact, many men feel as though nothing is worse than a reluctant blow job, where his partner is simply going through the motions to get it done. Who wants to feel like they’re a chore? One mistake many women (and guys) make is that they think that they need to be some sort of sex guru for their partner, mastering every single technique and tip. You really don’t! What I always recommend is to just keep continuing to experiment with new techniques, positions and ideas with an open mind. While experimenting remember that you will enjoy some things like crazy, be indifferent to other ideas and hate certain things. The key is to keep what works for you and your man and forget the rest. This means that love opens your eyes and heart to different things and helps you to explore new feelings and ideas that may not have been a factor before. This is useful in keeping your options open, believing in the anticipation of being loved and reveling in the feelings you experience. If you’re in a sexual rut, watching porn should give you both some new ideas to try. Just watch it for a while, lying next to each other. Pretty soon, you may find yourselves touching each other and getting frisky. When you see something that really gets you going, ask your guy to reenact the scene. And he can do the same when he sees something he wants to do. There are some problems with being apart that could make a relationship unhealthy or not very strong. For example, partners could not know each very well, could have unrealistic ideas of the other person and could feel lonely and sad most of the time. It can be hard to fully communicate, feel connected and be intimate without being together in person. But these relationships can be healthier with a positive outlook and good communication [20].

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You can meet at random times that work for both of you and also plan to sometimes get together for holidays and special occasions like your anniversary. Visits can also help you have more realistic ideas of each other rather than an imaginary and idealized romance [7]. The final item on the 1 year anniversary ideas list is renewing your vows. This could be a small ceremony with just a few close friends or it could be a large celebration befitting the occasion. If you aren’t up for a big renewal ceremony, you can simply watch your wedding video once again and enjoy walking down memory lane together. Adding some or all of these bachelorette party games can make the bachelorette party way more fun. If you want to try even more games, we’ve got 19 more ideas in this post! While you don’t want to play boring games at a bachelorette party, you need to consider the guest list so that you don’t offend anyone, including the bride. Whether you tuck a letter into his lunchbox when you pack it, leave a sticky nose on the cereal box or leave something on the fridge for him to read while he eats, you can’t go wrong. He’ll slow down to enjoy his meals, and you can satiate his need for love with a few sweets words – there are plenty of ideas here – while he satiates his need for food. So I see my man every weekend . And I wanna spice things up a bit this next coming weekend with him. What are some ideas to really get him going through this week and ideas I can do to blow his mind?! Sean. I absolutely love love love all of your tips!!! They’ve help me get so much closer to my boyfriend an I thank you so much for that!! He asked me how I could make him feel so amazing during the blowjob and I told him it was all thanks to you and the Bad Girls Bible and he thought it was so hot and amazing that I looked all of this information up jut to make him happy!!! And trust me, he repaied me very well if you know what I mean!!! So thank you so much again for everything you do!!! And I also wanted to day that I have a few more physical ideas to the flirting!! If you man is wearin a hat you could either twist it to the front or the back depending on how he’s wearing it or just take it off and wear it yourself!! And another is to tell him that he dropped his pocket. Yes I know it sounds weird but trust me I’ve tested it and they think it’s halarious!!! Thanks again Sean!!!!!

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Men are expected to initiate sex, to do most of the physical labor,  and to maintain an erection. Many guys feel pressure because of this sexual script, which may not be doing you much good, either. You can help him to reduce this pressure. Here are a few ideas. Your choice of a Valentine’s gift for him can embrace the romantic mood of the holiday. Sexy gifts are more for the two of you instead of a specific Valentine’s Day gift for your man, but you can make it a day he will remember and look forward to every year. Some sexy gift ideas include: One of the ideas in tantric sex (more on that here) is the idea of breathing together. One of you breathes out, and the other breaths them “in.” You can also synchronize your breathing together. Start before sex as you gaze into your partner’s eyes. This can feel quite vulnerable and intimate. Truthfully, there’s a nearly infinite list of things you can try to improve your love life (find more ideas here and here). You don’t have to try everything or even anything on this list; although, some people find it helpful. The key is to have an open mind and be willing to admit things you want to do and try things that your partner expresses an interest in. If you find it hard to talk about sex, it might be easier not to have to do it face to face. BDSM contracts like the one in this post outline some of the things you might want to cover once you start talking about sex. Although not everyone is into BDSM, you might get some ideas from looking at the way BDSM practitioners communicate about sex. Dress-up – Appropriate make-up for your theme (eg. minimum and innocent for “school girl”, versus dark and slutty for “escort”), as well as hair styled appropriately…school girls usually come with pig-tails! There are assortments of different themes you can dress up as, but even here try to include plenty of diversity. You can find lots more sexy dress up ideas in this roleplaying article.

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