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Vote Sindy for Girl of the month

Have an alibi:  Even if you stick closely to your normal schedule, there will probably come a time when you need an excuse for your absence. It’s better to concoct your alibi in advance, each time you meet up with your side man, than to have to think of something on the spot if your boyfriend asks. Try to use alibis that involve activities that you normally participate in, such as your weekly yoga class or monthly girl’s night. Moving on from a relationship is difficult no matter who you are. This can be true whether you dated for three months or three years, and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether you cohabitated, or even whether you slept together. Of course, living with one another and having sex can make it even more painful (and involve more packing) when it’s time to move on – so make sure to think before moving in together . Men aren’t just more likely to masturbate more; they’re more likely to masturbate regularly than women, too [13]. The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior reports that of men across all age ranges who have masturbated in the past year, the most common masturbation frequency is a few times per month to weekly [14]. The same survey found that women are more likely to masturbate a few times per year to monthly if they have masturbated in the past year. Nothing calls to outdoorsy types like a backpacking trip. Just a quick zip up to the mountain, followed by two days of hiking and a night spent camping, can recenter even the most restless souls. This getaway idea for the weekend is better for drier months, but if you’re really gung ho, you can head out in winter as well. If your man’s feelings and emotions seem to vary one week, or a few days out of every month, you may be experiencing a man period. Whether you label this “irritable male syndrome”, “man period”, or something else, it is still worth addressing with your mate. If you think you man is having a man period and seems to experience mood swings on a cyclical basis, consider asking your partner to answer honestly if he has experienced the following feelings throughout the past month, mostly, frequently, sometimes or not at all:

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While men do not prepare a uterus for an egg, nor do they bleed from their private parts, some men do experience monthly mood swings. This man period does not appear to be an urban myth and if you are in an intimate relationship with a man, or plan to be in the future, your understanding of his emotional cycles is just as important as his understanding of your monthly mood swings. It’s been so many days/weeks/months/years, and you haven’t had sex. It might be especially shocking if you once had an active sex life. Before you start worrying or wondering if your husband is cheating on you, sit down and have a discussion with him. Talk about any issues affecting your relationship, lives and even health. Talking might seem like a small step, but it can be a giant leap toward rekindling your sex life. Rather than pressure him, I upped my masturbation game. I discretely ordered a couple of toys & watch some porn for women (which is not quite my cup of tea, but is better than nothing). I don’t want him to feel bad and I still want to feel good. So far (6+ months), it’s working well-still happily married. Your vagina isn’t the only thing capable of stretching. Your cervix can, too! In women who haven’t had a hysterectomy, the cervix is the back “end” of the vagina. Your cervix is a small canal between your uterus and vagina through which menstrual blood passes every month. A second study by the same UCLA and University of New Mexico researchers supported the first, showing that the female participants had a higher likelihood to fantasize about other men during their fertile time of the month when they weren’t especially attracted to their partner [14]. Further research has additionally backed up the link between looking at other men more during ovulation when the female’s relationship is more about security and similar functions than about attractiveness [15]. He might not have ever admitted to himself he was gay. It’s can be easier to appear straight for a few months or even a few years, but after a while, it becomes difficult to live a lie. This was nothing you did. He’s just now coming to grips with his true self.

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If your problem is money, talk about your financial situation. If it’s not good, you both need to devise a plan to make it better. It might involve cutting back on spending, getting a second job, or designating one person to be in charge. Have a financial goal, and review it each month. Money issues are a common cause of breakups and affairs. My boyfriend and i have been together for eight months, sex is amazing im 45 he is 36 he is a shower and a grower, his size is perfect to me but i have had 4 babies vaginally and things are not as tight where they need to and use to be. I enjoy sex very much and we always start and sometimes also finish with me on top which always gives me an orgasm very pleasurable, but i feel like for him im to wide for him to get full pleasure! Can you give some advice for us please?! Ty☺️ Are you cramping because it’s that time of the month? Do you have a headache? Science shows that masturbation can help with those pains. At the very least, there’s no reason not to masturbate – or having sex – just because you’ve got your period. We’ve got tips to make it awesome. There are a whole slew of monthly subscription boxes you can sign up for. Your man will receive a box of goodies once a month. What’s in the box depends on the service you sign up with. Some boxes contain clothes. Some contain shaving and grooming supplies. Some have accessories, like phone covers and sunglasses. There are boxes that contain underwear, healthy food, gourmet food, fishing supplies, or action figures. I love reading the tips and information provided in the Bad Girls Bible, but in my relationship I feel it is a lot more difficult. I am in a 4 year relationship with a guy who is a sex addict. I do love pleasing my man, but last couple of years he has made it for like a job. I don’t know if I am in the wrong or not, but a couple of years ago he started to ask me to give him a blow job at least 10 tens a day if not more, no exaggeration. I never really did give blow jobs, but he says it the best feeling ever because I am so good at it. Unfortunately I am the type where I don’t like being asked, I like for it to just happen. Because I love to be able to please him I would, but after awhile it gets old. Plus there is a little damage in our relationship because he cheated on me. I don’t know if he slept with the chick but I do know that they were talking for months to each other and always sending pictures, which all of this has happened around the same time. Now I just feel like if I don’t please him he is going to go cheat on me. So not only is this no longer about me pleasing him but rather just a job everyday because I don’t wabt to lose him. If he doesn’t get a blow job or sex for one day he feels like I am talking to another guy and he closes up and gets all depressed. He’ll stay in bed and not talk to me until I please him pretty much. I don’t know what to do?!?! Please help me if you can. I want out relationship to not just be based on this like how it use to. If it was like how it use to be I probably wouldn’t mind doing it for him, but there’s a little damage as well. Plus, his actions don’t really help either. I sometimes feel like he is just manipulating me and I just allow it. Thanks for all the tips you are giving m going to try them although we meet after a month with my partner,I hope this techniques wil help to bring him closer and want me everyweek not after a month or two.Thank you so much.

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Everyday for a week or a month (or a year), you need to choose a new position to try out with your man. While some will be similar to what you already use regularly, there will also be some really crazy and wild ones. While these crazy ones may actually not be that much fun, they are super-mega-awesome for giving both of you ideas about just what’s possible in the bedroom. Hidden Sexcapades is very long sex game. It can literally take months to play it to completion. Although it takes a long time to play, it’s pretty easy to set up. If you’re talking about moving in together, you may need to mention the $87,000 in student loans and credit card debt that leaves you with $1,200 a month to survive on. Does his sense of style really drive you to distraction? See if he’s willing to go on a shopping venture together or if that’s a deal-breaker for either of you. Been getting your newsletters for a few months. Most of the stuff I have tried from your emails has worked I’d just like to add one more tip. Think about getting your tongue pierced ladies… I got mine pierced a few weeks ago and the first time I gave my man a blow job I had a plastic bar in he loved the new sensory experience. I’m going to try a metal bar next then maybe progress to textured bars and vibrating bars… Ice cubes and minty breath have a similar sensory impact. But definitely check out the blow job tips video.. It really improved my technique… The piercing just helps a little x Me an my boyfriend has been together 3 years an 8months. I think hes getting tired of me an dont want to tell me, hes on dating sites an posting single, an putting his dick pictures on there. An he says hes loves me an nobody else an he dont want nobody else but hes on dating sites talking to other girls on there an stuff, an watches porn as soon as in not n the same room as him or especially going to work or somewhere. He quit going places with me, an quit doing anything together. We go to work an back to house an look at four walls. Barely even talk to each other anymore. An im tried everything i no to do an dont no what else could make this better i even tried loosing weight because hes looking an talking to you skinny whores an bitches. So i thought it would help but i dont no what else to do Hey Sean, I am 20 years old and my boyfriend is 21,we have been dating for 7months now. We love trying out new positions so recently my bf asked me for a bj. I told him straight up that I’ve never tryed it before but thanks to your bj tips I surprised him a mind blowing bj that he didn’t expect.. I don’t know what magical powers that bj had but lately he just can’t resist me he even calls me a lot more than before. But now can you please give us more techniques on how to master the girl on top thanx a lot..

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For your man, it’s a little confusing, but it’s also a sure sign that you like him and can be naughty too. Caveat: Don’t use this every single day or every week. Only use it about once a month to keep things fun and flirty. Another factor is ‘death grip’. ‘Death grip’ occurs when your man has a tighter than normal grip during masturbation. He gets used to this and then after a while, he needs more and more pressure to orgasm. Much more pressure than is possible during sex. If this is the case, he should lay off masturbating for a few months. This will make him more sensitive and make it easier for him to cum during oral sex. I have been talking to this guy for a couple of months now and we have gotten very very close…we don’t have a title but he does talk to other females. We have started exchanging I love yous and crying with each other and doing a lot together. Even though he shared the first I love you now he is kind of drifting away from me. He recently told me him and his ex started communicating again but she has a boyfriend. I don’t know what to think. We are so close but I fear he is scared of what could become of me and him. Please help me It’s time to hit the paper crafting aisle! Whatever the theme is for the party, pick up some great papers, stickers and embellishments to make the invitation stand out and become an amazing keepsake. Be sure to mail them out a month before the party so that everyone can make plans and no one feels left out at the last minute. If there’s someone special living far away who may not be able to attend due to finances, send a collection around to see if you can help get them there for the party. Limerence doesn’t typically develop into a committed relationship, although it can. What does happen is the person with limerence holds onto the relationship for a long time, anywhere from several weeks to many years. The average time a person stays in limerence is 18 months. Then, they move on.  If that’s your partner, then you may need to let go of him, even if you felt real love when they were limerent. Whether you just got into a big fight or he’s just been extra patient dealing with your mood swings during “that time of the month,” this is prime time to try out some sweet things to say. Make sure he knows how much you appreciate whatever he did for you during these trying times of the relationship, and try to relate it back to something about his character that made you fall in love with him to begin with. For example, you can say that you’re grateful that he always remains calm and open-minded when a tough situation arises, or even that you appreciate his brutal honesty when you’re facing a problem that everyone else is too polite to tell you the truth about.

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I have been with my partner for 13 years. I have orgasms (usually once or twice a month) in my sleep but find it difficult to have them during sex. The build up it too intense and is somewhat painful. Any tips would be appreciated. So yeh, anything I can do, say, wear? To make him more interested in the flirting? We’ve only been together 6 months, I’m not ready for the fun to stop yet. Google squirting. Read the blogs. If you show your man how he can make you squirt with his fingers. Have him press his hand just above the pubic bone while inserting two fingers “palm up” inside you. Have him tilt his fingers up a little and pump in n out. You may feel like peeing a lil but kind of feels like a build up, pressure. Have him keep going unless it hurts then have him ease up a bit. When u start to squirt have him pull out just long enough to release some of it and then keep going. It’s the best damn feeling in the world. I didn’t know I could till 2 months ago and I’m 34. 🙂 crave it now everyday! However, men can take cues from their partners to improve their performance. Women who aren’t enjoying sex sometimes just grimace and bear it until their man finishes, sometimes even faking their own orgasm without saying a word. However, this doesn’t teach your partner what you like and can build habits that become difficult if not impossible to correct in the future. It’s also potentially hurtful for your partner to realize that you haven’t been enjoying yourself for months or even years. Don’t get us wrong. We’ve got nothing against spontaneous sex at the Bad Girls Bible. A quickie can make amazing sex. But don’t think that sex will always play out like that. Sometimes it needs planning. Otherwise, you might find yourself having gone weeks or even months without touching your man intimately, even if you’ve got a high sex drive and you’re incredibly attracted to him. So ditch the mindset that planning sex is “wrong.” A lot of relationships end up failing after the couple moves closer together, interestingly enough. So it seems like some people adapt to the distance and actually like it. A third of the couples who reunite and live near each other end the relationship within a timeframe of three months [18]. Nonetheless, the partners might be able to make it work better by changing their expectations and creating new rules for the relationship.

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Most people think that a long distance relationship is a doomed one. But is that true? One study found no evidence that this kind of relationship was more likely to end. The study only looked at a three-month period and at college students but it still gives some hope [17]. If you’re leaving his place, you could leave a small teddy bear, card or something else for him to find once you’re long gone. The better you hide it, the longer it will take before he finds it. The downside is that he might never find whatever you’ve left hidden, so make sure he’ll find it within a reasonable amount of time. Think about what he uses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to come up with good hiding places! Encourage those feelings of giddiness. Flirt with your man. Remind him that he’s wanted. Go easy on your partner’s faults. Make time for a date night once a month at the very least. Dress up for your man and listen to what he’s saying. You might not have had a chance to do so lately, and it’ll only help your relationship. A long time is, of course, relative. What we mean by a long time for when to say “I love you” is long enough to thoroughly know each other. For some, this could be a month. For others, it could be six months or more. Here’s something about deodorant you might not know: our bodies build up a resistance to any one particular deodorant over time. So if you want to ensure your deodorant is really masking odor, switch up the type you use every six months or so. There is such a thing, however, as showering too often. Showering every day or more than once a day isn’t the best thing you can do for skin, especially during the winter months when your skin already has a tendency to dry out. Showering, particularly showers using hot water, robs moisture from the skin.

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A lot of women are afraid to leave men who won’t commit to them because they already live together. But you shouldn’t be cooking, cleaning and taking care of him if he’s not going to meet your main needs like marriage. So move out. Pack up your things or pack up his. Show him that you’re not just settling. Like taking a vacation, this move will have him miss you. But it’s more serious. Give him a time frame, such as 30 days, which he has to make up his mind. At the end of that month, you can move back or move on. The passionate in-love phase, which can last up to 18 months, passes [36]. Feelings of intimacy may replace passion. In the triangular theory of love, the ultimate form of love if consummate love. If you’ve achieved this, you’ll share intimacy, passion, and commitment [37]. But if you don’t feel any passion in your love, you may be experiencing companionate love, which can be summed up as feeling love but not being in love. I have been in a texting relationship with my boyfriend for 4 months. We have exchanged pics and had phone sex once which was a bit awkward because I didn’t know what to say. We’ve become great friends and the sexual tension is evident. We haven’t had sex yet and I’m concerned because his cock is 11 inches and I’m only used to half that size. He loves hand jobs and blow jobs. How do you give these to someone so big and deal with a gag reflex? According to Lisa Hochberger, MEd of Wiser Sex Therapy Associates, “On average, the honeymoon phase (sometimes called romantic love) lasts between six months and two years. It is characterized by a desire-filled whirlwind of infatuation. It’s the “can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t do my work” phase of a relationship, when two people become fixated on each other and the obsession grows as they learn all about each other through mind and body exploration.” I have a older man which we have great connection together and the sex is amazing and he does really well keeping up with me for the most part but was wondering if anyone knew he had heart surgery about 8 months ago and sometimes now he has a hard time getting a hard on he will be completely turned on and wanting sex but big head thinking one thing and little head is saying no could it be the blood thinners he has to take now every day? Hy sean I met this guy six month back we enjoyed having sex and bj he told me he has never met a girl who is gud at sex lyk me but recently he just disappeared stop texting me wich we did everyday he stoped calling but when I call he talk to me and tells me he misses me. The thing is I want u to pls give me advice on how to get him back I love him. I no longer enjoy sex all I do is think about him pls help

Start with warm-up spankings that are lighter in nature.